About me:

A recent BSc (physiology) and an RMT since 2008, I am pursuing a career in myotherapy. I really like throwing, catching and climbing things. When I’m not out doing that, I’m likely inside tweaking this perpetually “in progress” website.

My life is neatly summed up in Captain Nemo’s motto, “Mobilis in mobili”.

This website is a space for me to collect my thoughts. The geography quizzes that were originally hosted directly on the main page have been moved further in (check the “Q” link down at the bottom). I will continue refining them as I find free time; meanwhile, this page will host brief articles on technology, lifestyle, science, and philosophy, as well as longer ditties resulting from my travels and brushings with pop culture.

Sadly, I am not a professional web designer so bugs on the site will not be unheard of. Please let me know the moment you find a bug and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Current work & recent updates

Updates happen as soon as I have a stable version available. The latest are listed below. The current project I’m working my way through is getting the astronomy quizzes up and running.

    21/01/11: The new, made-over site is up!

Enjoy your stay!

If anything I post tickles your fancy and you'd like to start a conversation, reach down to that envelope link at the bottom to email me. I am a fan of all things quirky and happily maintain contact with interesting people all around the world. In the end, I hope this website brightens your day and that you leave with a smile and perhaps a random fact of trivia to use at the bar tonight. Happy travels!

Current tune:
Orange Sky
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Four Songs (2003)
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Past earworms:
Orange Sky
Alexi Murdoch
Four Songs (2003)